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“Do not ordain anyone hastily, and do not participate in the sins of others;
keep yourself pure.”

1 Timothy 5: 22 (NRSV)

Check out these resources on the pastoral search process in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Though these are intended to aid Pastor Nominating Committees, they are also useful to help the congregation and church leadership understand the search process and learn how to better support their PNC.

On Calling a Pastor – the manual that guides the PNC through the search process.

Ministry Information Form – the church’s “online dating profile”.  This is a detailed form about the church, the congregation, our goals for ministry and mission, and who we are looking for in a pastor.

Personal Information Form – the pastoral candidate’s profile.  This is a detailed form about the candidate’s ministry and faith.

Church Leadership Connection – the “online dating website”.  This website matches churches with pastoral candidates.  Churches can also reach out to pastoral candidates, and candidates can make self-referrals.

Additional Resources:

Book of Order – one of the governing documents for the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Advice for Pastor Search Committees – article by Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, PC(USA) pastor

Certain Ways to Wreck Your Pastoral Search – article by Rev. Jan Edmiston, current PC(USA) co-moderator

Issues Pastors Must Discuss with Search Committees – relevant topics for the interview process

It’s Not About Getting Younger Members – article by Rev. Jan Edmiston, current PC(USA) co-moderator

Questions to Ask a Pastor Search Committee – article by Bruce Reyes-Chow, former moderator of the PC(USA)

Questions to Ask a New Church – article for pastoral candidates

Talk Before You Call – questions about worship for candidates/search committees

Holy Humor:

Report from the Pastor Search Committee

The Perfect Pastor