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The Call Process

“Do not ordain anyone hastily, and do not participate in the sins of others;
keep yourself pure.”

1 Timothy 5: 22 (NRSV)

“Presbyterians believe that God uses committees, papers, procedures, and our polity, sprinkled with a generous measure of prayer, Scripture, and worship, to help you discern who it is that God is calling to be your pastor.  This call is confirmed as the pastor, the church, and the presbytery each say ‘yes’ to the relationship.”

On Calling a PastorRevised March 2015

Where are we in the process and who is responsible for each step?

  • Elect the Pastor Nominating Committee (Congregation).
  • Elect the leadership of the committee (PNC).
  • Create a covenant and define the search process (PNC).
  • Meet with the congregation to discern the type of ministry God is calling us to do (PNC).
  • Assesses the financial capability of the congregation (Session and Presbytery).
  • Complete the Ministry Information Form (PNC).
  • Approve the MIF (Session and Presbytery).
  • Upload the MIF to the Church Leadership Connection (PNC).
  • Define an Interview Process (PNC)
  • Receive and review Personal Information Form (PIF) Referrals (PNC).
  • Review sermon samples from potential candidates (PNC).
  • Interview potential candidates (PNC).
  • Reference Check – including Presbytery, Background, and Others (PNC and Presbytery).
  • Select a Nominee (PNC).
  • Extend a Call (PNC).
  • Negotiate Terms of Call (PNC).
  • Approve Call and Terms (Presbytery)
  • Report Call to the Session (PNC).
  • Have the Pastoral Candidate meet and preach before the congregation (PNC).
  • Authorize a Congregational Meeting to Elect the Pastor (Session).
  • Elect the Pastor (Congregation)
  • Sign the Call (PNC and COM).
  • Welcome the New Pastor!


MIF – Ministry Information Form
The church’s “online dating profile”.  This is a detailed form about the church, the congregation, our goals for ministry and mission, and who we are looking for in a pastor.

CLC – Church Leadership Connection
The “online dating website”.  This website matches churches with pastoral candidates.  Churches can also reach out to pastoral candidates, and candidates can make self-referrals.

PIF – Personal Information Form
The pastoral candidate’s profile.  This is a detailed form about the candidate’s ministry and faith.

PNC – Pastor Nominating Committee
This committee conducts the search for a pastor on behalf of the congregation.

COM – Committee on Ministry
This is a committee of the Presbytery that sends a liaison to work with the PNC.