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Pastor Nominating Committee

“Do not ordain anyone hastily, and do not participate in the sins of others;
keep yourself pure.”

1 Timothy 5: 22 (NRSV)


The PNC is very pleased to announce that it has unanimously selected our nominee to serve as the next pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Easton. The nominee will preach the sermon on Sunday, September 17th, 2017. Following the service, a brief congregational meeting will be held, at which time every member who is present will have the opportunity to vote.

Our nominee has served the Presbyterian Church for over 25 years, is a parent, a spouse, an animal lover, and above all, is passionate about witnessing to the Good News of the Grace of God through Jesus Christ.


First Presbyterian Church of Easton has been prayerfully searching for our next pastor over the past year. This is an exciting time in the life of our church as we discern what God has in store for us. The search process for a pastor is quite different from a search process within a business. We must discern what God is calling our church to do and who God is calling to serve us, while at the same time, pastoral candidates are trying to discern where God is calling them to serve. This is a time for us to examine our history and look to our future.

What is the PNC?

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), the initial search process is led by the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). This committee, which is elected by the congregation, does all the dirty work – we write what’s called a Ministry Information Form, almost like a detailed online dating profile of our church; we sift through Personal Information Forms from candidates; and we perform initial interviews, review background checks, and contact references. However, we don’t make the ultimate decision. As our name indicates, we are the Pastor Nominating Committee. In the end, we will present a nominee to the church, and the congregation decides whether or not to extend a call to the pastor.


Darcel Bridges
Nick Cordaro
Phyllis Finger
Kevin Joshua
Al Rutherford
Susan Tindall, Presbytery Liaison